What is a Mom School?

Mom School is a learning environment created by moms (or dads!) to foster learning, curiosity and growth in our children.  IdaHome Educators meets once a week in a cooperative environment to provide quality classes for kids of all ages.  Teacher/Mentors volunteer to teach a class that lines up with their passions and present the material in a fun and interactive way with those in their class.

Where is Mom School located?  When does Mom School meet?

Currently we are meeting in Rigby on Thursdays from 10-2.

Do I have to participate in Mom School to be involved with IdaHome Educators?

No you do not.  We have many families that participate in special events, field trips and other gatherings but do not participate in Mom School.  The choice is left up to each family. Idahome is just a group of homeschoolers providing support and occasionally meeting up...and the co-op, whether it is called "Momschool" or "Idahome Academy" or anything else is a group within that group.

What is the fee for joining IdaHome Educators?

Please check out our Membership Forms page for details about fees and membership responsibilities.

What kinds of field trips/activities are held each year?

Activities range from swimming, hiking, holiday parties, play groups, and lots more! As a registered member you will be notified of all upcoming activities.