There are two levels of membership:

-Full Membership - $50/family for the whole year - allows families to register for co-op classes and participate in activities

-Associate Membership - $10/family for the whole year - allows families to participate in activities


Co-op Day

We meet in Rigby on Thursday mornings from 10-1, with classes from 10-12 and a social hour/”recess”/brown bag lunch time from 12-1.  



Every family participating in the co-op also needs to contribute to the work required to maintain it. We would LOVE for you to teach a class, but we realize that not everyone is ready/able/willing to teach a class, and that’s okay. There are many ways to contribute! 


Some possibilities:

-Teaching a class 

-Assisting with a class (our goal is two-deep leadership for all classes) 

-Watching little ones in the nursery while their moms teach (with a partner) 

-Providing a class or group in your home during non-co-op hours (ie, a Shakespeare class, a parent discussion group, literature group, goal group, game group, nature exploration group, etc.) 

-Hosting a Homeschool 5K or obstacle race

-Organizing a sports program like a multi-age softball team, low-key soccer group, running club, biking group, tennis club, etc. 

-Cleaning up the building after the co-op meets

-Coordinating judges for the STEAM Fair

-Hosting or coordinating a regular poetry tea time

-Organizing a service activity

-Inviting in a speaker to teach about safety topics before or after regular classes.

-Hosting a “learn about farming” day

-Organizing a writing contest or challenge

-Gathering boxtops to raise funds

-Coordinating a Scholastic book order

-Providing board games/balls/etc for the lunch break.  


Contact us for a current membership form!